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Cloud of Lies - Scott Hilsen

Cloud of Lies – Scott Hilsen

A Collision Between Privacy and National Security! Cirrus Corporation is a hot new cloud computing company that also is covertly running a top secret operation for the Defense Intelligence Agency called Project Ferret, which electronically scours private data in ?the cloud? to root out terrorists. When a mysterious person called “The Truth” accuses Cirrus of financial fraud, the company hires Ryan Thorne, a corporate spy with a checkered past, to conceal “Project Ferret” from an ambitious female lawyer who is investigating the fraud.

But when Ryan discovers that the project is being manipulated for political blackmail, he has to decide whether to continue deceiving her or to expose the conspiracy. After a lifetime of lies, Ryan finally faces the truth as he testifies before a Senate Committee on Investigations, which is probing the historic conflict between the right to privacy and national security.


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New Partner: BookLikes Welcomes Kobo!

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We?re happy to announce that Kobo books are available on BookLikes.

Kobo is the book source of over 3.5 million titles. It?s passion for books is visible in company’s name which is an anagram of “book”.

We?re extremely happy to partnership with Kobo and that we can share one of the largest e-book catalogue in the worldwith book lovers on BookLikes.

To add Kobo books to your book search box, go to Settings/Search, tick Kobo and Save. Now you?re all set to discover awesome e-books and shelve them on your BookLikes Shelf.

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BookLikes Welcomes Barnes & Noble!

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Barnes & Noble on BookLikesWe?re extremely happy to welcome Barnes & Noble on BookLikes.

Barnes & Noble is the leading bookstore in US with the largest selection of books on the Web. Now B&N book collection, so desirable by BookLikers, is also available for BookLikes community.

Barnes & Noble is 29th book source available on BookLikes. At the moment we?re in the course of expanding this section and opening partnerships with bookstores from other countries. New book sources from new destinations will be revealed any day now.

To add Barnes & Noble to your search box and shelve books from B&N go to your Settings/Search, mark it and Save. The B&N icon will appear in your search box. To find desirable book please write “Book Title and Author” in search box for the best fitted book result.

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Add Books Manually & Add Missing Book Covers

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New BooksTwo “Add” functions are available on BookLikes from today: add books manually and add book covers.

From now on it doesn?t matter if you want to shelve unpublished books or self-published or from a local bookstore, now you can put on your Shelf all books ever existed. It?s called manual book adding. We have it online!

If you don?t find a desirable book in a search box you can easily ?create? a book from the scratch.

Click on ?Add new book? after no results were found and fill up the necessary information of Book Title, Book Author, Book Cover, Book Description and ISBN. Click ?Add Book? and add it to you bookshelf or create a post.

Second ?add? function is about missing book covers. If some books on your Shelf lack covers, you can add them manually too. Click on a green book

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