Fright Fest Week 4

Cheap Thrills

This read-along is about all those scary books you read as a kid but haven’t looked at in years; check out the Fright Fest Kick Off post for more details.

'90s Nostalgia Fright Fest Read-AlongThis week I read…

As I mentioned last week, Saturday was the Dewey Read-a-Thon, and I read The Confession, Killer’s Kiss, All-Night Party, and The Rich Girl. I finally started getting into some that I hadn’t read when they were first released… but I also confused myself because, based on the publication dates, I probably didn’t read The Rich Girl back then, but it felt more familiar than the other new-to-me books. Maybe I once read something with a similar concept?

Fear Street

Also, while they don’t have quite the same “fright” factor, I read some Nancy Drew as well. I’ve discovered that Dewey is a great opportunity for me to revisit these nostalgic reads, and I tried…

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